Evidence in Homeopathy-Comité Americano de Homeopatía: New Post


Dear Homeopathic Colleagues:

Today we are pleased to post in three languages! We consider important to publish all the evidence we can reach in homoepathy, evidence that has been collated in the past years, so as to help homeopathic communities to understand that it is a science with solid and clear basis and present objective proof about the efects of homeopathic remedies, its principle of therapeutical activity, its effectiveness in clinical practice and the investigations on homeopathic provings, among others.

Although the vitalist paradigm has its own research method, some approaches under a more conventional perspective can help to comprehend the healing principle in homeopathy, especially because nowadays all the academic education is based in the “Evidence Based Medicine”.

We want to publish this article from Marcus Zulian Teixeira where he lists and describes the most recent investigations and evidence in Homeopathy. All the articles have a link to the original publication and some of them are written by himself.

Dr. Marcus Zulián Teixeira is a Homeopathic Doctor and an Agricultural Engineer who has a vast trajectory and studies in various disciplines, as well as many published books and articles on Homoepathy. Some of them are completely available in his website.

We specially thank to  Dr. Eduardo Bitis who provided the spanish translation of the original article in portuguese and Dr. Teixeira the same version in english so as to reach every Homoepathic colleague in America and contacts of the wold.

We hope it is of your interest. The comments are enabled at the end of this post.

Dra. Trinidad Mariano