The purpose of BVS Homeopatia Brasil is to provide on-line, global and prompt access to scientific and technical information in connection with Homeopathy. It also aims at creating a reference centre containing all relevant information to Homeopathy on both national and international levels.

As part of BIREME – Latin-American and Caribbean Center on Health Sciences Information, BVS Homeopatia Brasil provides on the Internet an array of information resources to which users from all levels could have access, as well as interact with and browse this site regardiess of their physical location. Such information are generated, updated and stored at BVS by various professionals, qualified institutions and specialized libraries coordinated by a Consultation Committee.

BVS Homeopatia displays, for consultation purposes, the HomeoIndex Data Base produced by the Indexation Group from APH – Homeopathic Association for the State of São Paulo, which apart from storing specialized articles and periodicals, it also records all existing material on Homeopathy.

In addition to providing an environment for information exchange purposes, BVS Homeopatia Brasil shall also promote the contact among qualified institutions and the public through discussion forums that could clear up doubts, create links, etc.

BVS Homeopatia Brasil results from a partnership with BIREME and the main Brazilian Homeopathic Institutions.

Suggestions can be forwarded to our general coordination department at: bvshomeopatia@bvshomeopatia.org.br