Interviews with Homeopathic Doctors

Follow interviews with homeopathic doctors talking about homeopathy in different communication channels.

Portal Jolivi Saúde – Café com Saúde – Dossiê Saúde Essencial
Entrevista com Dr. Marcus Zulian Teixeira

Newspaper Correio State of Campo Grande-MS Interview Homeopath Doctor and regional vice president of the Brazilian Homeopathic Medical Association(AMHB)-Dr.Darcy Luiz Gonçalves Siqueira
“We want to return to medical practice, placing his hand and perceive the patient as a whole”

Television Program ‘Pronto-Atendimento’ in TV Cultura:
Interview 1-Dr. Marcus Zulian Teixeira talks about prejudice against Homepathy
Interview 1-Introduction – Homeopathy as a therapy

Interview 2-Dr. Sérgio Eiji Furuta talks about Homeopathy

– Interview with Dr.Corrado G.Bruno, Dr.Matheus Marim and Dr.Célio Hiroyuki Morooka
FIAMO-Federazione Italiana delle Associazioni e Medici Omeopati

– Interview with Dr.Marcus Zulian Teixeira – ( correspondence )
Individual Homeopathy Treatment of Allergic Rhinitis- TV Channel-HC-FMUSP

– Interview with Dr.Marcus Zulian Teixeira – May/09 ( correspondence )
Homeopathy: vital medical practice

– Interview with Dr.Marcus Zulian Teixeira – May/09
Placebo and nocebo effects- Doctor-patient relationship

– Information from Dr. Paulo Rosenbaum
People have a distorted opinion about homeopathy; listen 

– Interview with Dra. Márcia Ap.Gutierrez – President of ABFH – March/08
Homeopatia no SUS

– Interview with Dr. Matheus Marim – Homeopath – January/08
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Part 2 AudioText
Part 3AudioText

– Interviews – TV-Câmara – Câmara Entrevista
Nov/04 – Interview with Dra.Walcymar Leonel Estrela – Homeopath 
Nov/04 – Debate between Congressist Maninha (PT-DF) and Dr.Walcymar Leonel Estrela (AMHB) (Brasil em Debate)
Nov/04 – Interview with Dr. Divaldo Dias Mançano – Homeopath 

– Interview with Professor Márcia Aparecida Gutierrez
New Post-graduation course: Homeopathic Pharmacy 

– Interview with Dr. Miriam Sommer
Homeopath Doctor in Holland

– Guest of the Health Magazine answers questions about homeopathy
Chat UOL with Marcus Zulian Teixeira – Homeopathic Doctor

– Interview with Dr.Mário Draiman
Homeopathic Medical Association Argentina
Why do we get sick?