Meetings – VHL BRAZIL

Homeopathy VHL Brazil at CRICS8 – Check!
– 5th Meeting of Regional Coordination of the VHL (VHL5)- Informative note from Homepathy VHL
– I National BiblioSUS Network Management Meeting- Informative note from Homeopathy VHL
– APH – Homeopathy in the BiblioSUS Network 

Note about Homeopathy VHL

Homeopathy in VHL. Text published in the VHL Newsletter

Meetings of the Brazil VHL Technical Committee
– I Meeting – October/2009
Presentation VHL Homeopathy Brazil
Record-I Meeting TC-VHL Brazil

– II Meeting – April/2010
Record-II Meeting TC-VHL Brazil

– III Meeting – June/2011
Presentation VHL Homeopathy Brazil
Record-III Meeting TC-VHL Brazil

– IV Meeting – April/2013
Questionnaire Network VHL Brazil – VHL Homeopathy
Presentation VHL Homeopathy Brazil

– 7th Meeting of the VHL Network Brazil: Advancing with the Governance of the VHL Brazil – May/2014
Reports on the experiences of the BVS Homeopathy for the 7a. Meeting of the VHL network Brazil

VHL Homeopathy: Homeopathy in Scientific Medical Literature
(Interview with Dr. Álvaro Mesquita Jr.)

Review of the HP Homeopathy Category in DeCS
– Final Report – December 2010

Basis Evaluation Document for VHL instances
– Homeopathy VHL Evaluation – São Paulo – December de 2011
– Homeopathy VHL Brazil Report- July 2012

– Research in Homeopathy Databases – Access to information sources from VHL
(presentad in the XIII Encontro Mineiro de Homeopatia-September/2009)