Homeopathic Phylosophy

Samuel Hahnemann

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann
(Meissen, Saxony, 10th April, 1755 – Paris, 2nd July, 1843)
German doctor, best known for creating the Medical System of Homeopathy.  The Principles of Homeopathy   were presented by Samuel Hahnemann in his masterpiece “The Organon of the Healing Art” (1810). Its contents basically refer to the fundamentals and theory of pure Homeopathy.  The book was reviewed by Hahnemann and published in six editions.

  • homeopathic phylosophy

    Understanding of the aspects that define homeopathy as a therapy method based on the cure by resemblance and in the use of boosted and diluted drugs.

  • organon

    Written by Hahnemann who re-edited the writings during the 50 years of his homeopathic practice. It contains the basic guidelines for Homeopathy.

  • homeopathy foundation

    Principals that define the fundamental concepts of homeopathy: Law of Resemblance, Experimentation in sane subjects, Diluted and Boosted Medicine, One drug at a time.

  • homeopathy broadcasting

    Publications, lectures, films and other means used to make Homeopathy and its concepts public.

  • cure in homeopathy

    The ongoing process/movement triggered within the organism (Being) by the homeopathic remedy towards the subject's psycho/physical balance in his/her unit.

  • history of homeopathy

    Reports of participation by medical personalities in the implantation and development of concepts surrounding the homeopathic philosophy, since the most remote of times, with emphasis on the life of Hahnemann and his followers.

  • history of homeopathy in the 18th century

    Reports of events involving the birth and development of Homeopathy during the 18th century.

  • history of homeopathy in the 19th century

    Reports of Homepathic developments during the 19th century, including exceptional characters involved within that period.

  • history of homeopathy in the 20th century

    Reports of events involving the development of Homeopathy during the 20th century.

  • history of homeopathy in the 21st century

    Reports envolving the homeopathic development events, 21th century.

  • classical author books on homeopathy

    Collection of classical books on homeopathy, written by the pioneer homeopaths, containing basic homeopathic treatment concepts.