Homeopathic Semiology

James Tyler Kent (1849 – 1916)
A doctor from the United States who significantly contributed to the practice of homeopathy. His works followed those of Samuel Hahnemann. 1868-Graduated at Madison University, Hamilton. 1870-Master degree at Medical College, Bellevue. 1877-Professor of Anatomy at the American College in St. Louis. With knowledge in homeopathy, he studied this science and began to practice Homeopathic Medicine.

  • homeopathic semiology
  • homeopathic anamnesis

    Study of the Being as a whole, meeting the requirements of what is already known as Homeopathic Similia Principle.

  • miasm in homeopathy

    Diatesic and constitutional predispositions that carry individual and characteristic complexity, thus determining the manner in which the individual falls ills and reacts thereof, as an expression of each one's susceptibility.