Clemens Maria Franz von Bönninghausen
(Fleringen, Netherlands, 12th March,1785 – Münster, Germany,  26th January, 1864)
Homeopathic Doctor, Lawyer, Agronomist and Botanist.
Contracted tuberculosis which was subsequently aggravated by another untreatable pulmonary illness. After taking homeopathic treatment he gradually regained health and was finally cured. He then becomes adept to homeopathic practices and a homeopathy enthusiast, turning into one of the most outstanding homeopaths and a faithful follower of Hahnemann.

  • repertory

    Index book containing the respective recommended symptoms, deriving from the homeopathic materia medica.

  • repertorization

    Technique for matching many of the existing symptoms in the homeopathic repertory with the aim of finding the most suitable remedy for the patient.

  • repertorization computed

    The process of making a repertorial analysis supported by special software.